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World Class Production Facility

  • Established in 1982, our plants are located near Mumbai, India providing easy accessibility and close proximity to Mumbai, Western Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Major ports.

  • The plant was initiated for supply to pharma multi-nationals and over the years our production facilities have been upgraded several fold. Our automatic German lines further augment capacity and enhance quality capability.

  • Today, our capacity is 30 million tubes per month, probably the largest in India.

  • This large capacity ensures timely deliveries so that our customers are sure of undisturbed smooth production runs at their end. Also, we are able to respond promptly to their urgent needs arising from volatile markets, thus enabling them to take advantage of market opportunities.

  • We have built up a complete support infrastructure comprising of a fully equipped tool room that ensures precision toolings and immediate response to break-downs as also dedicated moulding facility to develop caps/ moulds to suit your design. The processing area has an efficient air handling system to keep it dust free and deliver clean tubes manufactured under hygienic conditions.

  • We are pro-active to constantly upgrade plant conditions to offer value addition.

  • Our staff and work force is experienced and well trained, so crucial to being a dependable supplier.

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